Father’s Day Gardening Gift Ideas

Father’s Day for the gardening Dad, husband, brother, son or Grandfather is often overlooked. Instead of another tie, try gearing your gift towards his special interests.

Is his pride and joy the lawn? Maybe he could use an aerator or seed spreader. Consider having the mower tuned up and blades sharpened. What kind of shape is that old rake in nowadays? Could the handle use sanding? How about paint? If there’s a bare spot or insect trouble, maybe a good book on lawn care or better yet, call your county’s extension office for advice.
Does Dad get the job of pruning? Maybe a long handled lopper is in order. This is easier on his back and can avoid some ladder climbing.

Is your gardener into construction? A good book or web search can provide plans for raised beds, arbors, trellises, gates, fencing, potting tables or sheds.

Accent lighting can show off all the hard work he put into the garden or landscape. Some choices for lighting include ground lights for paths, beds or steps. Individual spotlights can showcase prized trees or shrubs. Solar powered lanterns offer a soft illumination at night and add charm to an existing garden.

There are many garden gadgets on the market to help make garden chores easier. Old standbys like tilling devices, edgers, and compost turners are popular. For the more adventurous Dad, there are now weeders that use high power water and even portable mini flame-throwers!

Birdbaths and birdfeeders are a nice addition to the garden. Be sure to include a book on bird identification for hours of enjoyment.

Don’t forget Dad’s office or study. Pick a plant suitable to the lighting, humidity and temperature of the room. Easy care plants like a palm, philodendron, snake plant or a cactus would be suitable in most indoor spaces. Tabletop fountains can be a relaxing addition to a stressful workplace.
Whether you choose a new pair of work gloves or a new mower, doesn’t matter. Acknowledging the gardening man in your life will be greatly appreciated.

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