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Love The Taste of Heirloom Veggies? Save the Seeds

Talk to your parents or grandparents about how vegetables tasted when they were young. I’m sure you will hear things like, “That’s when a tomato tasted like a tomato,” or “Today’s stuff doesn’t have any flavor.” But what does that … Continue reading

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Chocolate Zucchini Cake

No, you can’t taste the zucchini. I get asked that all the time. Well not all the time, just about the cake. If you’ve seen my previous post about my zucchini fortune cup runneth over, you’ll understand why I chose … Continue reading

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Garden Sense Be a Picky Gardener

Be picky at Garden Sense Picky, picky picky. Can you be too picky when it comes to growing your own food? I think not! Stop by this week’s Garden Sense and find out how-to Be a Picky Gardener too at … Continue reading

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Gifts for the Gardening Dad at Garden Sense

Picture a garden. You’re wading waist deep through bushes overflowing with flowers. Off to the sides is a patchwork bouquet ready for cutting. Ripe fruit and veggies are abounding. The lawn is lush and green. Who do you see tending … Continue reading

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