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10 Soul Warming Soups that Chase the Chills

Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite chill buster soups to warm you inside and out! Many of these recipes are part of group postings where you will find dozens more soul warming recipes! These hearty soups will … Continue reading

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Turkey and Acini Di Pepe Skillet for #SundaySupper

This week our  #SundaySupper team steps up to the challenge of bringing budget friendly recipes to the table. Budget friendly to me also includes saving time. Like they say, “Time is money,” and nothing saves more of both than a quick … Continue reading

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Kamut Pasta Noodles

Recently I joined Grain Mill Wagon Challenge sponsored by WonderMill grain mills . THE CHALLENGE: Create 5 recipes using fresh flour milled with the WonderMill. This is the first recipe, Kamut Noodles. Kamut is whole grain similar to wheat but … Continue reading

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Skillet Turkey Reuben for #SundaySupper

Does your whole house smell like turkey? (Not so bad on Thursday but still lingers on Sunday?) Are you regretting buying that 25 pounder because it was a little cheaper per pound? 😉 Well don’t reget it! Nicole at The … Continue reading

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