Blueberry Nocciolata Pastry Puffs #ad

Blueberry Nocciolata Puff Pastry

I recently received a jar of Nocciolata, chocolate hazelnut spread by Rigoni di Asiago to review. I received no further compensation for my review, recipe or post. Opinions are my own.

Blueberry Nocciolata Pastry Puffs

Blueberry Nocciolata Puff Pastry
It’s blueberry season here. What better way to celebrate than pairing blueberries with an easy, chocolate hazelnut dessert?

Nocciolata chocolate hazelnut spread is USDA certified organic, gluten free product.

From the website:

“It’s actually quite simple. Quality ingredients produce superior taste. Only certified organic ingredients go into each jar of creamy, dreamy Nocciolata. That means no chemicals, no artificial flavors, no GMOs and absolutely zero palm oil. Nocciolata is still made following the Rigoni’s exclusive family recipe. It is a slow process that uses only carefully selected ingredients like dark chocolate from the Antillean Islands, Italian hazelnuts (16%), brown sugar, skim milk and Bourbon vanilla extract.”

You can use it as a spread for toast, muffins or even pancakes.
Nocciolata pairs well with fruit. It’s chocolate right? :)

Blueberry Nocciolata Puff Pastry

I took ripe blueberries and mixed them with Nocciolata.
Take simple thawed puff pastry sheets, cut out circles. I used a Linzer cookie cutter.
Bake at 425 for about 10 minutes until puffed and thoroughly baked. You can egg wash the tops if you like.
puff pastry Nocciolata
Gently press an indent into cooled puffs. Fill with Nocciolata mixture.
Dust with a mixture of 1/2 cocoa and 1/2 powdered sugar.

Blueberry Nocciolata Puff Pastry

Blueberry Nocciolata Pastry Puffs
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Food for Thought…How would you use Nocciolata chocolate hazelnut spread? I’d love to hear your ideas in a comment below!

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