Make My Recipe Yours Challenge $100 Giveaway!

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How many of you look at a recipe and instantly say, “That sounds good but I’d add … or I’d change that seasoning to…”. You get the idea. I do it too.
So here is your opportunity to review any of my recipes on this site and let me know how you would make it your own. Change chicken pot pie to beef pot pie? Sure why not. My shrimp creole would be better with andouille? That’s your opinion and that’s OK!

Here are the giveaway guidelines:

  • You can redo any recipe that is mine. Recipes contributed from other bloggers in group lists, roundups or linky parties are not eligible.
  • You don’t need to actually MAKE your version. Just list which recipe you would redo and the changes in a comment below.
  • Once you comment, enter the rafflecopter for your chance to win!
  • Your comment will unlock more ways to win!
  • Must be 18 or older to enter.
  • a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    45 Responses to Make My Recipe Yours Challenge $100 Giveaway!

    1. Mary Happymommy says:

      I would remake this recipe–

      I’m Latina and I would add Sazon Goya and yellow rice to give it a Latin flair.

    2. Mary Happymommy says:

      It would also be fun to remake this recipe–

      I would add scallops.

    3. Amy Honious says:

      All of your recipes sound yummy, but I would remake the Instead of the mango pepper jam, I would use peach preserves and instead of the red & green bell peppers, I would add some roasted and chopped poblano. Thanks for such a yummy and fun giveaway!

    4. I would tinker with this one, throw out the capers and put in some chopped kimchi for a zippy bite! Whaddya think?
      Dorothy at Shockingly Delicious recently posted..Gift from the Kitchen: Blueberry Cinnamon LiqueurMy Profile

    5. Amy Honious says:

      I think that I would also delete all of the bell peppers from the I would replace them with some finely chopped rainbow chard stems. Thanks again for a nice giveaway!

    6. For my 2nd idea, I would take out the parsley in here and throw in about 1/4 cup chopped cilantro, for a Mexican take on it. The rest of the vegetables will work!
      Dorothy at Shockingly Delicious recently posted..Gift from the Kitchen: Blueberry Cinnamon LiqueurMy Profile

    7. Elena says:

      I would remake this recipe: I would use almonds and grated parmesan instead of bread crumbs

    8. Amanda Sakovitz says:

      I would remake the Pear and Maple Oatmeal Crisp and add apples. I’m very old fashioned and love using apples in desserts.

    9. EncinoMom says:

      What a great giveaway, Cindy! In the interest of starting the new year out heathfully, I chose this fantastic sounding salad: I’m an arugula nut, so I’d swap out at least 1/2, if not all of the spinach, and replace it with baby arugula. I love the peppery flavor mixed with sweet ingredients like pomegranate.

      I just interviewed Deepak Chopra to talk about his new book and low and behold, we ended up talking about pomegranate, lol. Here’s a link: I think you’ll like what he has to say!

    10. Danielle F. says:

      I would remake this recipe and instead of peaches, I’d use apricots which I absolutely love and I’d add some cinnamon w/ the brown sugar on the chicken. Yum.

    11. Rea Liz says:

      I am not very creative, but I do love chocolate. I would add chocolate chips to your cinnamon roll waffles!

    12. Kelly D says:

      I would add garlic to your Orange Dill Tilapia.

    13. I’d do but with less toasted sesame oil (about 1 tbsp), liquid stevia, a little lime juice and sliced chayote squash for the peppers. Maybe no mandarins… not a fan of fruit in savoury stuff. But I LOVE the idea of soba salad
      Sarah Reid, RHNC (@jo_jo_ba) recently posted..Leftover Lamb StewMy Profile

    14. Laura J says:

      Oh I would remake the Pigs In A Blanket (cabbage rolls) #SundaySupper
      I would love to make this stuffed in green peppers!

    15. Margot C says:

      I love this salad:

      Crazy maybe but I might add pears to it.

    16. Margot C says:

      I make something very similar to this: but I make a sort of roux/gravy thing out of chicken stock and flour instead then I also add just about any vegetable from asparagus to peas so I would feel so bad abot eating all of the cream and the cheese.

    17. Ann says:

      I would take this recipe: and remove all oil, as well as make my own Creole seasoning without the salt. Great recipe!

    18. Carolsue says:

      (Does this recipe count for this contest? I wasn’t sure which ones we should use)
      For the Pierogies, I make the dough a little differently:
      1 1/2 cups flour
      1 large egg (beaten)
      1/2 cup Greek yogurt
      And for the filling, I use Vermont white cheddar cheese instead of yellow cheddar cheese
      Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

    19. Carolsue says:

      For the Cream of Zucchini Soup I would add a tsp. of curry powder and I would use chicken broth instead of vegetable broth
      Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

      Again, let me know if this recipe is not ok to use for this contest. I’m having trouble finding your recipes vs other recipes!

    20. courtney b says:

      the smokey salmon chowder looks amazing! i would definatly pair it with my moms famous coleslaw

    21. Carolsue says:

      This is a recipe for my second comment which did not count (see above):
      I would make the Italian Tuna and Shells Pasta Salad by leaving out the roasted red pappers and adding diced up red peppers, green peppers and red onions. And I would definitely use white tuna. I would also add some sliced black olives.
      Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

    22. Danielle F. says:

      For my second recipe remake I think I’d pick this yummy looking one:
      only I’d add a little orange juice w/ the cranberry juice and maybe add some pitted cherries to the recipe since I think they taste good w/ cranberries and also chicken.

    23. Thomas Murphy says:

      I would use Walnuts instead of Pecans for the Chocolate Pecan Muffins.

    24. Jennifer Marie says:

      Love your recipe, but I also like too add tapioca pudding

    25. Jennifer Marie says:

      Instead of red peppers I would add carrots and peas to the chicken and rice pie

    26. Barbara Montag says:

      I found a great lighter recipe of yours – Chicken Spinach Roulade.
      The redo would be to replace the oil with olive oil and leave out the nuts.
      Thank you.

    27. nancy bowers says:
      I would use breakfast sausage links cooked and cut up or leftover ham cubes. I also use bread ripped in pieces instead of biscuits.

    28. rebecca shockley says:

      I would remake this recipe
      I would change the carrot’s to red cabbage and the cheese to cream cheese perhaps

    29. rebecca shockley says:

      I would also remake this –
      Chicken meatballs

      Change up the sauce a little
      Change the Worchestershire Sauce to liquid smoke
      and the oil oil frying part to using peanut oil – only if no nut allergies

    30. Amanda Sakovitz says:

      I would also like the remake the using mango instead of pomegranate. I think it would work great with the other ingredients in the salad.

    31. Thomas Murphy says:

      I would also remake this recipe with avocado rather than the green beans.

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