Take It Outside BBQ Tasting Party 2014 #BBQTasteParty

Blue Mountain Summit Patio
Summertime is the perfect time for outdoor fun! Take It Outside BBQ Tasting Party 2014 held on the patio at Blue Mountain Summit Restaurant was an opportunity to enjoy great tasting slider rolls topped with shredded beef, pulled pork, turkey London broil, juicy organic chicken. Mouth-watering sauces tickled our tastebuds! Of course, what’s a BBQ without sweet tender corn on the cob and pure creamy butter!

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Tasting parties are a great way to connect brands directly with the public.
bbq table tasting 1tasting table 2
tasting table 3kenny
Each guest is given a scorecard to rate featured items.


They were instructed to rate the items from 1 to 5 on overall taste. Additional space was provided for write-in comments and suggestions.

Empty plates! Time to rate!

serving last piece of turkey London broil
Everyone was encouraged to try as many items as they wanted. Most guests tasted everything!
The first thing everyone wanted was the Newhard’s Corn. I grilled it in the husk to give it a slightly smoky flavor.
grilled corn

enjoying Newhard's corn

Kerrygold butter was on hand to top those tender ears with creamy goodness! Look at that dark yellow color you can only get from grass fed cows!

kerrygold butter

enjoying Bell & Evans chicken from  Mr. Bill's filling out surveys

shredded beef for BBQ sauce tasting

We served up the beef and pork sliders on these tasty, tender rolls from The Bakery Nook! Aren’t these mini rolls adorable?

mini rolls
Mixing sauces with different meats came up with some great tastes!
bbq plating
delicious sauces table

bbq pork

We didn’t stop with the shredded meats.

Mr. Bill’s chicken from Bell & Evans was great alone and also tasted delicious with Gourmet Warehouse BBQ sauces, Golden Carolina and Cherry Jalapeno and Stubb’s Sweet and Spicy.
Bell & Evans Chicken
Mr. Bill’s Turkey London Broil is juicy and tender. He marinates it in a soy base. Delicious! I tried it with the Cherry Chipotle. Amazing together!

Turkey London Broil Slider
Everyone raved about the Arpricot Jalapeno Chicken Sausage from Mr. Bill’s! Packed with apricots and dotted with jalapeno peppers!

apricot jalapeno chicken sausage

The Baked Beans got an extra flavor boost from Gourmet Warehouse Golden Carolina BBQ Sauce. Just the right amount of sweet heat!
golden carolinagolden beans

Some comments from our guests:

Newhard’s Corn

  • Best corn I ever had!
  • I haven’t had corn like this in years!
  •  I think I need to try another piece. 😉
  • Awesome so sweet.


  • Tastes like chicken should taste.
  • Tender(loin) is an appropriate description! (Turkey London Broil)
  • This apricot jalapeno sausage is amazing!
  • Apricot in sausage is genius!
  • Apricot Jalapeno Sausage absolutely delish!

KerryGold Butter

  • So sweet and creamy!
  • Very rich tasting.
  • Kerrygold is my new favorite butter.
  • Wow! I never saw butter so yellow! Tastes great too!

Gourmet Warehouse Sauces

  • Nice and spicy!
  • Really tasty.
  • The perfect BBQ sauce.
  • Good Flavor!
  • This tasted great in the baked beans!
  • Not too spicy.
  • Where can I get the cherry sauce? I need this sauce!

Stubb’s  BBQ Sauce

  • Good flavor.
  • Great for ribs too.
  • Love this sauce.
  • True bbq sauce.

Bakery Nook Rolls

  • Tasty!
  • Stood up great to all that sauce!
  • Very good! I would love to your try other breads.
  • She liked the cute little rolls best.
  • Got to check out Bakery Nook bakery.
  • Fresh. Soft.

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    Just the word butter makes me smile. I was rsaeid on fat-free margarine and diet coke, and the introduction of healthy fats into my body over the past 6 years has been life-saving, to say the least!!!!!!

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