Zucchini Boats Set Sail All Aboard!

Check the Wind. Hoist your sails and we’re off!
The Zucchini Boats have set sail!

zucchini boats afloat

It’s that magical time of year when a zucchini can grow from a perfect size of several inches to a monsterzini overnight! I hate to waste food and I know a lot of you feel the same way but please don’t send your extra courgettes my way!
I’m testing seed and plants this summer for Harris Seed Company and my zucchini have done wonderfully. So great in fact I ran a contest to for ideas to stuff my boats.

carved zucchini boat

In the meantime while ideas poured in, I made my old standby boat stuffed with lean ground beef, breadcrumbs, zucchini chunks, garlic, Italian seasoning covered in sauce and parm cheese. Bake at 350 ° until meat is thoroughly cooked, about 30 minutes.
zucchini boats stuffed

zucchini boats sauced

Don’t regift your zucchini. Try some of these great ideas submitted by my blog followers for your next Zucchini Boat Dinner! One of them will win a $25 gift certificate for Amazon!

  • zucchini stuffed with mushrooms and feta cheese
  • Boxed stuffing, blended with spinach, cheese and egg
  • Zucchini stuffed with chicken, bacon, tomato, ranch dressing, and topped with cheese of your choice
  • zucchini pizzas: just slice into “wheels” add minced meat in the middle, add tomato a lot of cheese
  • Italian version before with ground beef, Italian sausage and tomatoes
  • Taco stuffed zucchini
  • Zucchini Bread
  • ice cream and bananas
  • in my country we eat it with yougurt
  • Italian sausage, sun dried tomatoes, Italian seasoning, egg, Italian bread crumbs with mozzarella cheese
  • Zucchini con Pasta
  • mushroom and cheese quiche would baked up lovely in a zucchini!
  • ground turkey and herbs
  • Garden spaghetti I call it with a little of everything out of the garden!
  • mushrooms, onions, cheese, bacon
  • tofu and asian spices
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  1. Liz says:

    I used to make zucchini boats when we were newlyweds…I’d make a mixture of tomatoes, onions and ground beef with Italian seasonings. They were yummy! You’ve inspired me!!!
    Liz recently posted..Fudgy Brownies with Reese’s ChunksMy Profile

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